Art Consultant

Montagne attended professional institutions such as Pilchuck International Glass School, Anderson Ranch Art School in Aspen, Gemological Institute and a number of others in a process of continuing education related to art. Throughout the years the creative community and art world has developed a mutual level of respect for Montagne’s artistic personality and well-trained eye to manifest creations through a sense of balance, color, light and a sense of motion.

Montagne design and art consultants are well versed in understanding budgets, material costs, new technology and time constraints. Art is the thumbprint for generations and civilizations, let us create and/or find the very best for your project.


Bonnie Wakeman muralist with a relief extra.

George Craig

Swan SerenityBull Cow Calf Moose TogetherLynx LoveJones River Marsh at Sunrise
Richard Seeley
Exploring wild places and searching for wildlife has taken me far and wide. Photographing wildlife at a unique moment in a stunning scenic setting is the challenge. Creating an image that invokes an emotional response in the eyes of the viewer is an exciting adventure and my ultimate goal.

Dave Lamure

Belsis Choice Lilly-Lilly Moon 4590Iris
Janet Hassinger

Glass Carvings and Glass Menorah Glass Glasscity Glass Coral Stairway
Bill Meek
My style of glass sculpture is mostly a fabricated and laminated, “cold” glass process using float glass and combining it with steel and other mediums. My work is often used as a focal point and has been installed in churches, synagogues, restaurants, country clubs, building lobbies, etc, can be made large scale to “gift” size and is also included in hundreds of homes. I have exprience in woodwork, metal work and 35 years of design and art projects.

Michael Dunton

Bodily ChangeDaphne
John Bernhard

  • Paintings original and giclee
  • Drawings
  • Glass work
  • Sculpture
  • Custom fixtures
  • Commissions accepted